Yacht Photoshoots in Dubai arrives at a turning point with Champion Yachts

The beauty of Champion Yachts is that we provide with the widest range of possibilities with regard to what you can do while yachting in Dubai. One of the most popular options are film shooting on yacht and cruise in Dubai. Moreover, we’ve also given room to our clients to customized yachts in Dubai, if we do not have something you need.

Have access to exceptional settings across Dubai with Champion Yachts on water. Be it locations, obtaining relevant accesses and other details, leave it all to us. All you must worry about is getting on- board with us in your cruise in Dubai! Champion Yachts is known the create the right kind of setting rather, ambiance which is just what the film industry needs today. We’ve worked with multiple professionals from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood and others and it’s been a delight to innovate the way they need us to do so on the basis of requirements, scene and so on.

Dubai on the Big Screen with Champion Yachts Cruise in Dubai

Be it Star Trek Beyond, Syriana, City of Life, MI- Ghost Protocol or Star Wars- Episode 7, Dubai is popularly known as the most desired land to shoot on. It’s trendy, sexy, beautiful- in fact, an Indian film named Welcome Back also gave Dubai a shot. Producers, directors and other stakeholders in the film industry, give yacht in Dubai a shot- it’s going to be an exciting movie, we assure you!

An insight into Champion Yachts Dubai Cruises for Rent

Champion Yachts owns one of the most popular yachts from across the world. The specifications are awesome and can cope with the need of the hour, unlike the rest. Check out some of the generic features our yachts have, it’s just what you need:

  • Private jacuzzis
  • Spa with sauna, steam room and changing rooms
  • Lovely swimming pool
  • Hydraulic canopy
  • Rooms for laundry, salons etc.
  • Luxury dining spaces with the best crew
  • Luxury Cinema with 60 seats and a huge screen
  • Automated doors
  • 20+ TV screens readily available on- board
  • Dance floor, night club
  • IPad controlled Intelligent Automated Yacht Management System with 1000 + Color Changing RGB Lights (Underwater, pool, deck and Interior)
  • Toy Garage with 2 Ton Davit, 18 feet High speed Seadoo Jet boat, 2 Yamaha Wave Runner Jet Ski and lots of Toys
  • Ample Air-conditioning for Middle East Weather
  • Lot of Accessories, Safety Equipment, Life Rafts, 1200 Life jackets, Chinaware, Toys and others

Are you ready to create magic on screen with Dubai as your backdrop?