Yacht Rental Dubai

A Yacht Rental in Dubai is as good as the services offered. Hence, At Champion Yachts, we create an experience which will be unforgettable. Our luxury yachts will provide the exotic picturesque of Dubai from all sides. You will get sucked in the enchanting atmosphere created by a combination of enthralling activities and picture-perfect facilities. On top of everything, you will be treated with cuisines which you will want to savor more and more. Sail with us as you own it with a crew that treats you like a king! We even might spoil you with all the entertainment we have on Board!

Affordable Yacht Rentals in Dubai Marina

Some Family time, romantic night out, a friendly get together and everything else becomes more special with Champion Yachts’ Yacht rental services. The customers have quoted us as the coziest and most hospitable Yacht rental service provider in Dubai. From our side, we are happy to share that our customers leave with a smile and that means a lot to us. We have been in Dubai for over a decade and we can really take you some special spots.

So why not give it a try? Plan your next trip with us and enjoy a suave range of Yacht Rental amenities in Dubai. We have a wide range of yacht packages with a plethora of luxury amenities at quite affordable prices. We also offer a variety of themes for your tours to add that spunk to your sail.

Attractions exclusive to a Yacht Rental in Dubai

Dubai has one of the best blends of adventure and tourism to explore. That’s one other thing our customers love us for i.e. we offer so much more with our trips at quite affordable prices. Champion Yachts  offers some delightful fishing trips in Gulf waters, a glittering sail around Burj Al Arab and a scenic treat at Dubai Marina. All our Yacht Rental sails will have top notch services combined with delightful music at late hours. So just book for your next holidays with us and we can assure you that you will not regret it.

Joyful Activities offered on a Yacht Rental in Dubai

A Yacht Rental has a wide range of activities to keep you in high spirits all the time! Nightlong music sessions with DJs on board are just too awesome to get over with. Dubai has some amazing landscapes and it’s just too overwhelming to gaze at during just a trip.  With such views all around, you might lose track of time, as every next thing might feel, just so much more mesmerizing.

Great food is loved by all and Yachts rental adds that extra bit of spice! A Yacht cuisine is a sailing 5-star restaurant with much more specialties and food. From appetizers to gourmet food, everything will be their too let you have a great meal. The food is also accompanied by a variety of beverages to choose from. The clients might like to swim during the calm waters or they might opt for the Jacuzzis, SPAs and swimming pools on board.

The all-around environment will be funky and fun; with such barbeque meals, buffet arrangements and various drinks. You can also opt for a hot bath to relax you afterward. As a package, a yacht Rental will release your stress and will make you more upbeat for things ahead.

Why choose Champion Yacht Rentals?

  • Amenities at par with 5 Star resorts
  • Professional service by staffs and executives
  • A Range of Yachts with various specifications
  • Complimentary upgrades tweaks for all packages
  • captains and crew with a decade of experience
  • Great locations with great amenities
  • Arrangements, professionalism, and hospitality

A wide range of watersports with Yacht Rentals in Dubai, from Champion Yachts! 

Our Yacht Rental packages have also included all forms of watersports for those action enthusiasts. Zorbing, parasailing, surfing, thunder wave, jet skis, and many such options will be there for you to choose from.

Our commitment

Our experienced, Dubai Yacht Rental team can fulfill various personalized wishes for each guest. Along with our Dubai Yacht Rentals, we can serve customized services for your private yacht party. You can also opt for waiters and hostesses for those special servings. We have a long list of DJs to choose from but you can always ask for your preferred one.

At our Dubai Yacht Rentals, we entertain all types of gatherings which include and is not limited to, birthday parties, bachelor parties, Honeymoons, yacht weddings, sunset cruise dinner, etc. We have trained our staffs to competently handle the nuances of solo trips, friendly gatherings, corporate gatherings, parties and family trips.

Dinning offers for Yacht rentals in Dubai

When it comes to diner packages we have some really stuffed packages at affordable prices. Our premium queens package offers Bespoke 5 Course Sit Down or Gourmet Menu, rare wines, Silver Plate – White Glove Service and much more at just 1295 AED. Whereas our standard packages are just 295 AED with Buffet and Canapés, Unlimited Standard Drinks for 4 Hours and much more. We also have premium and royal packages with Buffet and BBQ, Unlimited Fine Wines, DJ, Hostess, Gourmet Boutique Meals, and many other facilities.

We even offer a solo meal and drinks packages. You can get a Bespoke 5 Course Sit down Meal, Silver Plate – White Glove Service for minimum of 15 guests at just 595 AED. If you want to settle for a more affordable option, then we offer the standard five-star meals at just 145 AED for minimum of 50 guests with Buffet /BBQ/ Canapés.