Explore 5 best destinations in Dubai during Yacht Charter

Explore 5 best destinations in Dubai during Yacht Charter

Dubai is a house of mixture where you see a harmonious co-existence of both traditional and modern cultures. It is a place where you experience the barrenness of the desert and at the same time spend time by the beaches and witness the gigantic blue Gulf waters and white sand. You can experience the entirely opposite feelings at once when you are in Dubai. Not only this, Dubai houses one of the tallest buildings in the world i.e. Burj Khalifa and many high-rise buildings that add up to the beauty of the city. Dubai is mostly sunny, so you always get a clear sky and a lively city with multiple shopping destinations as well. We would discuss more shopping later, let’s now explore the best destinations you can witness when you charter a yacht in Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab is one of the 7-star hotels located in Dubai and it is one of the most photographed structures in the world. You just cannot let go of this sight when you out sailing on any cruise from any part of Dubai. It is located 300 km away from the Jumeirah Islands and you can witness the luxury it has to offer. The underwater aquarium and restaurant, fleet of Rolls Royce, and a helipad that has been a part of many movies.

Palm Jumeirah Island


When you are in Dubai, ensure you have Palm Jumeirah Island on your list, it is one of the first man-made islands in the world to offer you the best view and the best of the Arabian coastline. It is the go to place for all the yacht rental companies when they onboard guests who love to explore Dubai through its waterline. It is a symbol of luxury, it homes many 5-star hotels including the famous Atlantis – De Palm. See the Emirati lifestyle here.

Dubai City Necklace – Dubai Creek


It is the most iconic location in Dubai that portrays the “Old Dubai” which used to be the trading center via water during the old days. In short, it is the gateway through which Dubai has evolved and grown to what it is now. It is usually busy as it is the traditional side of Dubai. The path is usually crowded with Abra aka wooden water taxis to ferry passengers from Souks of Deira and districts of Bur Dubai.

Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is as famous as Dubai city. Witness the city necklace with panoramic view and the beautiful skyline. Dubai Marina is the hot spot in Dubai, you will find many hotels and restaurants and the most luxurious residential area. On the other side, you can see the canal that gives birth to numerous leisure and lifestyle developments. The place might not seem very attractive during the day, but as the sun goes down, the place looks heavenly.

The World Island


World Island comprises 300 small islands and turns out to offer you the best view during the yacht cruise in Dubai. The world island is a man-made island based on the Dubai coastline, the island’s residents are of the wealthiest personalities from all over the world. A tour around the island is worth every second and money.

Well, here were some of the must-visits when you are in Dubai and charter a yacht in Dubai. Now that we have helped you with the places to cover during the cruise, we can also help you with the yacht rentals to offer you the best services.

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