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Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai

For 10+ years today Champion Yachts has been globally acclaimed for providing the most exotic and premium Yacht rental services across Dubai. We understand how every holiday requirement differ and offer custom packages to ensure you enjoy the best yacht holiday ever. All our majestic yachts in Dubai are a perfect blend of luxury and home-like comfort. We enjoy the highest brand advocacy due to the value-driven packages we offer and a super professional crew onboard who ensures all your needs are addressed.

Why Champion Yachts

We offer the best luxury yacht rental packages in Dubai that you’ll fall in love with. Some of our Yacht packages include: Overnight Yacht Stay, Private Yacht Party in Dubai, Boat rentals across Dubai Marina, Chartered Yacht Sailing, Yacht Fishing Tours and a lot more fun packages. To ensure you lose yourself to the magic of the ocean, we have a specially trained fleet maintenance and seasoned crew. If you’re looking to create some truly enriching yacht holiday experiences, reach out to us now.

Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht
Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
04 Crew
Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht - Height
80.00 Ft
Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
04 Rooms
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht Dubai
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
01 Crew
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht - Height
41.00 Ft
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
00 Rooms
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht Dubai
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
03 Crew
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht - Height
62.00 Ft
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
03 Rooms
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht Dubai
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
03 Crew
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht - Height
65.00 Ft
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
03 Rooms



Yachting should be part of your vacation plan when you are in Dubai. Champion Yachts has a fleet of comfortable and luxurious yacht rental Dubai at your service. Depending on your budget and choice we have several packages to choose from. To charter, a Yacht Email us on or call on +971585801481.
This depends on what kind of vessel you are looking for and for how long does it need to be booked. Apart from these, there are abundant options for packages to choose from, it includes food, beverages, customized décor , etc. Get in touch with us to know more about different packages and their cost.
Time flies when you are truly enjoying the moments. So we suggest don’t count hours while you are on board, just feel the breeze and soak in the moment. Although you can spend minimum 4hrs on a 500 and 200 PAX capacity mega and luxury yachts while for rest of the luxury yacht Dubai you have to spend a minimum of 2hrs.
It primarily depends on the size of the vessel and the number of people it can hold and the services that are part of the package. The most premium Queen’s package would cost approx. 195AED, while the royal package costs around 695 AED which includes 25 guests, a premium yacht rental Dubai package that includes 50 guests would cost 395 AED and the standard package including 50 guests would cost 295 AED.
Your safety is our top priority. We make sure every nook and corner of the Dubai yacht is examined regularly by our crew of technicians and engineers. Our vigilance makes us one of the safest and most reliable yachts in Dubai.
The mesmerizing background and landscape surely call for a photo-shoot. We have a bunch of extremely professional photographers on board who can help you capture the best memories with your loved ones. The photos surely will keep the memories of the trip fresh and you will cherish them forever.
You are most welcome to come on board and celebrate your special occasions. Champion yachts are equipped to organize everything that you need onboard. We can arrange delicious food, beverages, exquisite décor, music and all the other event requirements for you. While booking you can specify your needs and requirements and we will try our best to cater to everything possible.
You need to choose the size of the yacht and the services as per the occasion and need. If you are unable to figure out what suits your requirements, you can contact us and our team will guide you through the different packages. It will help you pick the right package in the best price.
There is a large fleet of luxurious yachts parked with us and they fall in different categories depending on the services. The cruiser yachts are the largest and the most luxurious ones that could accommodate more than 500 people, then there are mega yachts that could accommodate about 500 people and the size of it are approx. 220feet. Luxury cruises are slightly smaller ranging around 150 feet and accommodates around 200 people. The size of the medium-sized ones is 88 feet and can accommodate 65 people and the personal luxury ones are 55 feet long and hold around 25 people. Apart from these, there is Aqua luxury yacht (41feet), Diana luxury yacht (80feet), Adora luxury yacht (62feet), Fairline luxury yacht (65feet). All these are equipped with the best services and a well-trained crew to take care of your stay and comfort.
Most definitely! Candle light dinners are already way too romantic and planning it on a cruise in the middle of an ocean makes it even more exciting. Exquisite meal and drinks, lovely view, comforting music and your loved one by your side, Doesn’t it sound perfect? Contact us for more details to make it a memorable evening on Yacht in Dubai.