Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai

For 10+ years today Champion Yachts has been globally acclaimed for providing the most exotic and premium Yacht rental services across Dubai. We understand how every holiday requirement differ and offer custom packages to ensure you enjoy the best yacht holiday ever. All our majestic yachts in Dubai are a perfect blend of luxury and home-like comfort. We enjoy the highest brand advocacy due to the value-driven packages we offer and a super professional crew onboard who ensures all your needs are addressed.

Why Champion Yachts

We offer the best luxury yacht rental packages in Dubai that you’ll fall in love with. Some of our Yacht packages include: Overnight Yacht Stay, Private Yacht Party in Dubai, Boat rentals across Dubai Marina, Chartered Yacht Sailing, Yacht Fishing Tours and a lot more fun packages. To ensure you lose yourself to the magic of the ocean, we have a specially trained fleet maintenance and seasoned crew. If you’re looking to create some truly enriching yacht holiday experiences, reach out to us now.

Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht
Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
04 Crew
Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht - Height
80.00 Ft
Diana 80ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
04 Rooms
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht Dubai
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
01 Crew
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht - Height
41.00 Ft
Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
00 Rooms
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht Dubai
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
03 Crew
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht - Height
62.00 Ft
Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
03 Rooms
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht Dubai
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Crew
No. of Crew
03 Crew
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht - Height
65.00 Ft
Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht - No. of Rooms
No. of Rooms
03 Rooms




You may charter the Champions Yachts by email us at or call on +971585801481. We offer our customers a blend of home-like comfort and unmatched luxury, so much so that the Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai is your perfect option for a memorable getaway. The Yacht rental Dubai will make your cruise a memorable one.
There are different yacht packages offered depending on the type of Luxury Yacht Charter you choose. The Yacht Rental Dubai should surely be on your bucket list when you visit Dubai.
Once you are aboard the Yacht in Dubai you may spend your time leisurely here. You may spend minimum 4 hrs on the 500 Pax Mega Yacht and 200 Pax Luxury Yacht and a minimum of 2 hrs on rest of the Luxury Yacht Rental you choose.
Yacht Rental Dubai offers a plethora of packages. The Queens package would cost 1295 AED, while the royal package (25guests) would cost 695 AED, Premium package (50 guests) would cost 395 AED, and the Standard package (50 guests) would cost 295 AED.
Yes. Extra care is taken to ensure your safety. The safety measures on the Champion Yachts in Dubai is top-notch making it one of the safest luxury cruises.
There is a dedicated photographer on-board to capture your special moments and freeze them forever through professional quality pictures. This is one of the many things that makes the Luxury Yacht Charter unique.
Yes. You may book the Champion Yachts to have special celebrations. The yachts will offer delectable cuisine, soothing music, decorations and a photographer on board to make your celebrations memorable. The Luxury Yacht Rental will cater to all your celebration needs.
There are regular packages and premium packages for an enthralling experience. Contact us to know the best offers available for yacht rental in dubai Marina. Get the best experience when you opt for Champions Yachts.
The cruiser yachts are the larger and luxurious ones. There are mega yachts of 220 feet to accommodate 500 people, luxury cruise of 155 feet with a capacity of 200 people, medium size yacht of 88 feet with capacity of 65 people and personal luxury cruise of 55 feet with capacity of 25 people. Apart from these there is the Aqua 41ft Luxury Yacht, Diana 80 ft Luxury Yacht, Adora 62ft Luxury Yacht, and Fairline 65ft Luxury Yacht. All the yachts are loaded with premium features for your luxury and comfort.
Yes, indeed. It is the perfect way to enjoy the calmness of the night and ring in special celebrations. Delicious food, refreshing drinks, music, decorations and much more will make your candle light dinners truly memorable. Champion Yachts are bound to make your cruises memorable.