What a premium Yacht Charter is all about!

What a premium Yacht Charter is all about!


Everyone needs an exciting and relaxing weekend after slogging for 5 days through work and various other responsibilities. Stress, fatigue and anxiety are some of the common issues of the lifestyle we follow these days. Moreover, in a modern marvel such as Dubai, life is extra paced. Hence, you should have that best outing on weekends.

An enjoyable weekend will help you to cope up with the strain of the 5 days and will maintain your efficiency.  One of the best outings that you can have in Dubai is sailing on a luxury yacht. It will provide the necessary tranquil environment which will calm your senses as the cool sea breeze brushes your extremities.

Above all being in the middle of the sea or even in the shallow water has some special influence to our senses. It instantly gives us the feeling of joy and relief. But to go for yachting just for relaxation might feel bit far fetched!


Well, let us discuss some other benefits of yachting in general and specifically in Dubai.

1. Close to nature

With waves and breeze, the sea has the most exotic environments in the world. The open and fresh environment of the sea has mesmerizing effects on people. Moreover, it’s medically proven that a marine atmosphere affects the human body in a positive way. It’s the best get away from the busy life and rushing life of Dubai. You can’t have such isolation on land.  A sea atmosphere is also believed to regenerate new blood cells.


2. Best outing for both alone and with family

Best outing for both alone and with family

A boat is the best place to be alone and with the family. As alone it will give you those ultra-private and isolated moments. Whereas, with family, you will have that unique experience of being in the middle of the sea with your loved ones. For your family, it will also act as one of those dream holidays as yachting is always exclusive and exotic.

Moreover, either alone or with family, you will be treated with mesmerizing views and 5-star services all along. Some of the most memorable family photo shoots are created while yachting. It will also provide those extra and close moments of bonding with your family which gets lost in the city’s hustle.


3. The best place to invite and treat friends and relatives

water sports and activities on a Dubai yacht. You can offer some of the best diners and dinners along with drinks.

You can even organize the party and everyone knows that a yacht party is the best party. You can even bring back the good old memories and relax with them to make up for the time long lost. As for your friends and relatives, it will be an experience like none other.


4. Fishing

Fishing in Yacht Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is famous for its fishing trips and you can also have the experience. Renting a yacht for fishing is extremely easy and it can also be combined with a yachting trip or a yacht party.  A yacht will provide you with all the equipment’s needed for fishing. You can also take help from the experienced crew members. If everything goes well then there are very few feelings as satisfying as enjoying a fish grilled, which has been hooked by you.


5. Isolation and serenity

It’s one of the best ways to enjoy and peaceful and serene environment. You will be away from the hustle and noise of the city. It’s the perfect moment to relax and meditate or even to think on some matters which were feeling too much stress in a lousy environment. You can sit and enjoy delicious cuisines without getting rushed by anything. You can spend that me time which you might have longed for quite some time.


6. A place to reevaluate

On a boat, you get the isolation which is much needed when someone is feeling stuck between some tricky situations and hard choices. Apart from giving your weekend that special touch it will also provide those calming influence which will help you plan better. It’s an excellent place to have important meetings. It will be thrilling for your colleagues and employees. It will also serve as a great place for team building outings.


7. Water Sports

You can enjoy a plethora of water sports while yachting. You can enjoy the scuba diving in shallow waters. You can zoom on the water with jet skis and water scooters. You can perform snorkeling and just enjoy being in the water. Apart from those you can do surfing, parasailing, Water skiing and much more.


8. Sight-seeing

Sight Seeing Palm Jumeriah Dubai

There are some great places to visit while sailing in Dubai. Drifting through the Dubai marina canal is an experience itself. From there you can go to the famous Palm Jumeirah islands. You can also visit the world islands and go around Burj Al Arab.

9. Luxury

Luxury Yacht Dubai

Let’s face it that yachting is one of the pristine luxuries with all elite services. You can treat yourself with some of the best foods and drinks within some of the best decors. You can relax on those beautiful decks while glancing at the sea which is something special in itself.


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Ishika Yadav
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