The Ultimate Dubai Bucket List: 12 Things to Do in Dubai, You Can’t Miss!

The Ultimate Dubai Bucket List: 12 Things to Do in Dubai, You Can’t Miss!


Nestled on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is nothing less than a captivating journey through the vibrant and enchanting dreamland. The city has successfully managed to amalgamate timeless traditions and futuristic innovations. This blog will guide you as you set out to unveil the wonders of the world, explore the culture, indulge in a gastronomic delight, and get soaked in the myriad of activities that Dubai has to offer. On our journey, we will take you through the top 12 things to do in Dubai.

As you traverse the iconic skyline adorned with architectural genius like Burj Khalifa, Al Burj, Dubai Frame, etc. you will be astounded to see the sun-kissed desert meeting the shimmering waters of the Gulf. The city is dotted with several luxurious resorts, world-class shopping malls, adventure parks, and man-made marvels. The warmth and hospitality of people and the rich culture are always ready to welcome backpackers from all over the world. From bustling souks to modern art galleries, Dubai effortlessly blends its past and present creating a culturally immersive experience.

Let us uncover the hidden gems of this cosmopolitan city and immerse ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions. Dubai is an ideal destination for newlywed couples, family and friends, corporate events, adrenaline junkies, and explorers. Get ready to engage in a fanfare of sights, sounds, and flavors in Dubai- a destination where dreams meet reality!

Top 12 Things to Do in Dubai

1.      Rent a Yacht in Dubai

Renting a yacht in Dubai is like a dream come true for many. Make your Dubai trip memorable with this ultra-luxurious experience. Spend a day/few days on the yacht with your loved ones and experience grandeur and elegance. Observe the glittering skyline of Dubai, explore some of the best fine dining options on the yacht, and indulge in several water sports activities as you cruise through the gleaming waters of the Persian Gulf. The yacht renting companies in Dubai have a selection of several yachts that come with a plethora of facilities. You can plan a birthday party, bachelor party, family get-together, romantic sunset date, or business events on these yachts.

2.      Get on top of the World: Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and the most attractive tourist destination in Dubai. It is 828 meters high and the observation deck on the 148th floor is three times taller than the Eiffel Tower. It has the world’s highest elevator system which goes up to 163 floors. The innovative architecture is worth noticing and the view from the observation deck is breathtaking. Book Burj Khalifa tickets in advance and click pictures of the view from the top of the building to make your trip to Dubai memorable.

3.      Enjoy the Desert Safari

A guided dune-bashing safari will allow you to explore the desert outside of Dubai. Participate in several extra activities, such as a quad bike ride, a camel ride, or dinner and entertainment. Sandboarding is a fun way to glide along the dunes while enjoying a stunning session of dune bashing at the Red Dunes. Don’t miss the breathtaking view of the desert while riding in a camel caravan. In the end, take a quad bike trip and get soaked in the golden hues of the desert sunset.

4.      Get Thrilled at Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark

At Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark, the biggest waterpark in the Middle East, experience thrills and spills on a variety of attractions and waterslides. Prepare to fight the King of the Sea in the Tower of Poseidon and travel through the dark and winding Aquaconda water tunnel. You can also take a journey down a tidal river’s rapids with an inner tube. Bring out your adventurous side and test your mettle on the thrilling Ziggurat and drop more than 27 meters through shark-infested water on the Leap of Faith. Enjoy light food and refreshments from on-site restaurants while relaxing on a private beach.

5.      Dine in the Sky

Dine at a table suspended 50 meters in the sky by a unique crane for an extraordinary experience in Dubai. After you’ve been raised above the earth, watch your chef prepare and cook a three-course meal right in front of your eyes. Take shots from the suspended table as it spins slightly as you dine. Admire Dubai’s vertical monuments and skyscrapers, as well as landmarks such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, the Burj Al Arab, and many more.

6.      Visit the Museum of Future

Visit this architectural marvel in Dubai and discover its cutting-edge exhibitions and themed activities. Stroll around the 30,000-square-meter museum and admire its stunning architecture. Explore five separate floors, each with a different topic, such as climate change, wellness, imagination, spirituality, and the future of space travel and life. Purchase tickets to the Museum of the Future and go to the year 2071 using immersive technology.

7.      Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Experience

One of the best things to do in Dubai is to explore the lovely underwater environment and see over 140 different types of aquatic animals. As you pass through a glass tunnel, marvel at extraordinary creatures such as sting rays, flaming piranhas, and flopping jellyfish. While wandering around the aquarium, be surprised by King Croc, the world’s largest crocodile, measuring 5 meters in length and weighing 750 kg. Visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to experience 270-degree views of this massive aquarium.

8.      Helicopter Tour

On an exciting helicopter tour, get a bird’s eye view of the attractions of Dubai. Enjoy some refreshments before taking off from the Dubai Police Academy Helipad. Take off from the Helipad on your 12-minute helicopter tour. As you cross The Palm’s trunk, you’ll have a beautiful view of Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis. Fly over Dubai’s dazzling beaches for a closer look at the 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Burj Khalifa, and JW Marriott Marquis. Take advantage of uninterrupted views of the Dubai Canal and the structures at Business Bay.

9.      Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

On a dinner cruise from the Dubai Marina, you can see the splendor of Dubai from the ocean. With a red carpet entry, you’ll feel like a celebrity when you board the Ocean Empress. Explore the 16,000-square-foot area onboard, which is split out over four decks. While seeing Bluewaters Island, the Jumeirah Beach Residence complex, and the artificial Palm Islands, sip on a great welcome drink and listen to live entertainment. The buffet offers a vast selection of foreign foods. While eating, enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the Dubai cityscape from everywhere on the boat.

10. Get a 360 Degree view of Dubai: Dubai Frame

Another exciting thing to do in Dubai to make your vacation unforgettable is purchasing Dubai Frame tickets, the architectural marvel that reveals the city’s past and present. The incredible image frame provides a bird’s eye perspective of Dubai. From the sky deck, you can see the distinction between Old Dubai to the north and New Dubai to the south. From this vantage point, you can see numerous stunning skyscrapers and large malls. Visit the museum on the first level to learn more about Dubai’s transformation from a small fishing hamlet to a contemporary city.

11. Visit IMG Worlds of Adventure

The IMG Worlds of Adventure, dubbed as Dubai’s Crown Jewel, contains numerous stunning buildings with world records in their names for a variety of reasons. Explore four “epic zones”, two of which are designed with Cartoon Network and Marvel aesthetics, while the other two are themed with legendary IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley attractions. Furthermore, you may have a toast of excitement with the most thrilling rides with adrenaline roller coasters. In the opposite section of the park, there is a 12-screen Novo cinema where you can see your favorite blockbuster movies.

12. Take a Guided Walking Tour of the City

On this Dubai walking tour, travel back in time and visit the Al Fahidi area. At the Al Khayma Heritage House, you may learn about the UAE’s history, eat local street food, and taste Arabic coffee. Begin your trip by learning about Dubai’s history. Visit the Coffee Museum with your guide to explore how coffee has shaped UAE history and culture.

Don’t forget to visit Al Seef, an old-world historical region. While walking, pass past the historic mosque and continue through the Grand Souk to board a traditional abra water taxi for a tour of Dubai Creek. Out of all the other things to do in Dubai, this one will introduce you to the streets of Dubai.


Dubai is a dazzling destination that leaves travelers spellbound with innumerable opportunities for adventure and sightseeing and its allure lies in its ability to cater to everyone’s desires. This list of the top 12 things to do in Dubai will definitely help you. Plan a trip to Dubai and get captivated by the magical charm of this city.

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