Watch F1 Racing Aboard Luxurious Yachts

Watch F1 Racing Aboard Luxurious Yachts

You must be eagerly waiting for the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1 racing to start and witness these technological marvels in action. If you are a thrill-seeker and motorsport enthusiast, we understand that you are irresistibly waiting and prepping yourself to watch the wonder actions of F1 racing.

The heart-pounding speed, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched skills of drivers leave you on the edge of your seat. But don’t you think witnessing this on-track battle from a special yacht cruise can add a lot to your experience?

Here are 5 reasons to not go for a typical race day experience but to choose a yacht cruise and luxurious yachts in Dubai for your awaited F1 racing.   

  1. Access to premium amenities
    Yacht cruise offers exquisite menu and gourmet dining and you are treated to the finest culinary experiences in the yacht while watching the F1 glory. Also, a yacht cruise is apt for enthusiasts who wish for luxury and comfort as they provide plush seating, and comfortable and furnished lounges that perfectly host your friends and family.
  2. Stunning views
    The prime reason most motorsports enthusiasts choose yacht cruise over any other viewing experience is its breathtaking views. Yachts are positioned along the race track to provide unmatched views to the guests. One can experience the thrill of F1 cars speeding by just meters away.
  3. Exclusive and private
    Grandstands can be crowded and you might miss the rich viewing experience that provides you with unbeatable views, luxury, and comfort. Booking a yacht cruise can provide your family and friends with a private experience to watch the roaring action of F1 cars with all the exclusive amenities around.
  4. One-of-a-kind experience
    From plush seating to spacious and curated lounging and gourmet dining to premium beverage selection, from spectacular racing views to creating unforgettable memories with fellow motor enthusiasts, a yacht cruise offers you the best amenities to watch the exhilarating F1 race.
  5. VIP access to the paddock
    One of the prime advantages of boarding a yacht cruise to watch an F1 race is that many yacht clubs provide VIP access to the F1 paddock. This privilege is a dream come true for motorsport lovers as they get a chance to get up close to the teams, drivers, and their cars.

Are you excited to intensify your experience of watching the F1 race? Do you want to book a yacht for your gang? Not sure how to choose the best yacht club? Below are some practical tips that will help you choose the right yacht service to nourish your F1 thrill.

Research yacht cruise providers for a specific location

F1 races are held in various cities around the world. Choose your dream location and research on the best yacht cruise package provider with attractive packages. As the F1 racing events are highly sought-after, and especially luxurious yachts in Dubai fill up quickly. Plan in advance.

Look for inclusion packages

Look for yacht cruise packages that include various amenities like food, beverages, lounging, VIP access, etc. Opt for packages that cater to most of your needs at the best prices. If you are a gang of motor enthusiasts, then pick the packages even if they are slightly above your budget as you get to enjoy comprehensive facilities for a bunch of people and it’s a win-win deal.

Compare the amenities provided

Compare the amenities provided by various yacht service providers. Check the size of the yacht that accommodates all your friends and family, and compare the prices. Smaller yachts will give you a private and intimate vibe while comparatively big yachts will have additional services. Know your needs and look for comprehensive packages.

Check yacht vantage point

Sometimes you miss the views of F1 action due to poorly planned yacht vantage points. Yachts will be strategically placed close to the action to provide you with better views. Ask for the location, and placement of the yacht to confirm a better view.

Seek recommendations

Seek recommendations from motorsport enthusiasts who have already experienced F1 in a yacht. As everybody will do some research before booking their yacht experience, you will get to collect a lot of reviews from the people you know.

Also, the other way is, to look for customer testimonials for the yacht provider you have shortlisted. Many companies like Champions Yachts Dubai will be transparent about their customer reviews and you can book the yachts at are best prices without any hidden charges.

Grab discounts and early-bird offers

Many yacht clubs like Champion Yachts Dubai provide early-bird offers and discounts for bulk bookings. Choose your location, plan in advance, and utilize these offers for budget-friendly yacht bookings.

Understand booking terms and cancellations

Since yacht cruise bookings will be in demand during the time of F1 racing, seats fill up quickly and there will be penalties for cancellation of your bookings. So confirm your payment schedule, booking terms, refund, and cancellation policies, etc.


Luxurious yachts in Dubai will redefine the way you enjoy F1 racing with all the comfort, exclusivity, views, dining, and more. People book champions yachts in Dubai to combine the excitement of Formula 1 with luxury and comfort. Consider the above parameters while booking yachts to make your F1 racing experience unforgettable with the spectacular views from yacht cruises.

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