Your Yacht Party should be” talk of the town”

Your Yacht Party should be” talk of the town”

Make your yacht party hold its own in among the glitz and glamour of Dubai.

Dubai is famed for its Yacht parties and recently they are happening like a frenzy! yacht party Dubai is the notion that is synonymous with the spectacular city these days it has brought a sense of redundancy to it.You can be amazed and the question that how such a lavish and exquisite party become redundant! Well, Dubai is an affluent place and exquisiteness can be afforded by many.

Being unique among the affluent and is not easy but it’s too hard as well. Let’s discover some of the ingenious ways to make your party look one of a kind.


A theme always Rocks!

A theme always Rocks


A themed yacht party in Dubai can set itself apart from the outset. Themes themselves bring the spice and spunk to your parties as it looks a different place altogether. The decor, dressings, drinks, dining, and everything else becomes unique with themes. You can just even try out the pirate and Hollywood themes as they never disappoint.

To make it even more iconic you can make it a red carpet event with epic music and paparazzi all around. You can even add themes to your food and drinks. Serving specials such as French, Italian, Chinese, Asian or Mediterranean cuisines will also make an impact. If you are planning to go even beyond and go wilder then there are numerous pop culture references to drag and get inspired. Memes, Facebook and Instagram can also be great themes, don’t you think!


Everyone loves participation!

Enjoy luxurious yacht party in dubai marina.


Don’t let your guest’s just stroll, eat and talk, they will get bored and might not feel great. Plan some great activities for the yacht party and keep everyone engaged. The best is to know your audience age groups and plan accordingly. This will really give them a sense of participation and they will love the event.

On the other hand, everyone will have great clicks and memories to remember.  Group games and karaoke singing are always great but there are so much more that can be arranged. You have the boat with water around and floor at your disposal, so get everyone hooked!


Food is still the King!

Food is still the King


A delicious cuisine can make any party a memorable one. It doesn’t matter how many times it has been done, but people’s hearts can be still tamed by taming their belly. A delicious menu will make your guests remember the event for the longest time. If you think what to put on the menu, you have a list which never ends.

Some of the all-time favorites will be seafood, barbeques, sizzlers and much more. You can even go for the hardcore ethnic cuisines of various regions and introduce your guests to a whole new set of flavors. The food can also be spiced up by the servings, arrangements, designs and chef specials.

Frolic and Fun!

Frolic and Fun

Dubai yacht are famous for its luxuries are known for how captivating they are . So make your events dazzle with that level of fun and amusement. Dance floors, open bars, DJs, performances and much more can just add the flair to the parties. Comedy shows, music shows, magic tricks and much more can be included to just crank it up. Try to create an extravaganza which will keep everyone on their toes unless down and dusted.


Cause Makes Good Events Great!

Choose a cause to promote for your events and it will have a message attached to it. It will make your yacht rental a global event as everyone loves to be a part of a cause. You can also run a fundraising event for some affected region in the world. It will make your event significant. You can even invite world media for such events. Just imagine a great party and a good cause, that’s just perfect!

Ishika Yadav
Ishika Yadav Author at Champion Yachts Ishika Yadav is a marketing and finance student of Jain University, a traveler under the sunlight and a writer after the sunset. She’s born and brought up in India, highly dedicated to explore variety of unrevealed cultures, indigenous societies and places around the world. She says “never stop your feet from traversing and hands from writing about it, because what’s written never fades away.”