Best yacht packages for “ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX”

Best yacht packages for “ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX”

ABU DHABI Formula 1 Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi is going to be the destination for the racing enthusiast once again. Abu Dhabi will be flooded by the tourists from around the world, as formula 1 grand prix is around the corner. What raises the bar is it being the season finale for this year. So expect the event to be full of extravagance and entertainment

The iconic YAS Marina circuit has been hosting the formula 1 Grand prix since 2009. It will be an adrenaline pumping event.

Same as its preceding events, this will also have that elite flashiness with exquisite Arabian touch. This year to tweak things the track will cover itself in pinkish hue.

Yacht Grand prix

Yacht Marina

But among all the seats and places from which race could be enjoyed, the best option will be form a yacht. The yacht marina is situated at the heart of YAS marina Circuit Racetrack. From here you will get the most stunning views of the racetrack. The thrust of the racing cars can be felt like a heartbeat at moorings near racetrack.

While you enjoy the race on a chartered yacht, the best cuisines will be at your service.  The viewing from here will not be as crowded as it is inside the circuit. You can actually enjoy the thrust while you relax. To sober you up, we have top notch liquors and wines at your service. Our Dubai yachts are optimum from all safety standards and the decks are quite spacious.

There are numerous advantages of chartering a yacht for hospitality. The atmosphere will be electric in the YAS Marina with all luxurious yachts moored and cars racing at ferocious velocity upfront. If you want to give your friends, family or business partners an experience to remember then there is nothing better than chartering a yacht.

After being down and dusted by the thrill of the race you can spend the rest of the time while dancing and enjoying. Our yachts are facilitated with personal DJ’s on the deck for your amusement. We always take a special care for your comforts; hence, we have assembled the most elegant and cozy furnishing and décor for you. On the top of it, our crew members will be assisting you all the time.

Yacht Grand prix 2


Yacht Packages

We have various yachts to fit your elegant best. Here are some mentions:

  • Our 500 Pax Mega Yacht is a state of art. It’s a 220 ft. tall and 67m in length yacht. It houses 9 guest bedrooms. It has a capacity of 500 people at a time. So it’s the perfect fit if you want to organize a big group and enjoy the race collectively.
  • Second in line is our 200 Pax Luxury Cruise. Its’s 155 ft. in height and 47 m in length. It houses 6 guest bedrooms. It has a capacity of 200 people at a time. It’s perfect if you are looking for that gathering you want to have with various friends and families.
  • In our medium and affordable segments we have 65 Pax Ultimate Cruise. It has 3 bedrooms and can hold up to 65 people. If you are looking for that small gathering then it’s the one to eye for.
  • Another great choice in this same segment is 60 Pax Super Yacht with a 90 ft. height and 28 m length. It also has a capacity of 65 people. It’s another choice you have for closed gatherings.
  • In our personal segments we have 45 Pax 5-Stars Luxury Cruise. Its 75 ft. in height and 23m in length. It has 3 guest bedrooms and is ideal for personal and close groups. It can house 45 people at once.
  • Another choice from personal segment is the 25 Pax Luxury Cruise with 55ft. of height. It has 3 guest bedrooms and house up to 25 people at once.
  • The last in our list is the 42ft. 12 Pax Luxury Cruise. It has 2 guest bedrooms and is ideal for the close ones with a capacity of 10 peoples.

Combo Packages

We have created some combo dining packages to giftwrap some of the best we have for you, such as,

Queens Package

  • Bespoke 5 Course Sit Down or Gourmet Menu
  • Unlimited CHAMPAGNES & Rare Wines, Spirits & Mixology Cocktails
  • Live Performers/Dancers, DJ, Hostess and Floral Arrangement
  • Silver Plate – White Glove Service, Security and AV setup

Royal Package

  • Gourmet Boutique Meals, Individual Portion Servings
  • Unlimited Fine Wines, Spirits & Cocktails for 4 Hours
  • Live performers/Dancers, DJ, Hostess, Bar Tender, Staff & Security
  • AV & Music equip with  Customized Table Setting

Premium Package

  • 5* Catered Premium Buffet/BBQ/Canapés + Live Station & Staff
  • Unlimited Premium Drinks for 4 Hours, Juices & Mixers; Bar Tender
  • Security & Hostess; DJ, Music equip, Customized Table Setting

Standard Package

  • 5* Catered Standard Buffet/BBQ/Canapés + Live Station
  • Unlimited Standard Drinks for 4 Hours; Juices & Mixers
  • Bar Tender & Security; 5* Hotel Staff ; Standard Table Setting