Celebrate Ramadan in Emirati Style: Be a part of Holy Ramzan Observation in Dubai

Celebrate Ramadan in Emirati Style: Be a part of Holy Ramzan Observation in Dubai

It is known worldwide that Dubai is an Islami- dominated place, most Emiratis follow the Islamic religion and Ramadan is one of the most celebrated months in Dubai. If you plan a trip to Dubai during Ramzan, maybe you can plan it during the early days of Ramadan month so that you don’t miss out on a few stuff later when the month starts. Entire Dubai observes & supports Ramzan, you would see malls all decorated and people all around in their best attire.

Let’s discuss more Ramzan, why, and how people in Dubai spend the entire month.

What is the significance of Ramadan? How Ramzan is celebrated in Dubai?


Ramadan is one of the holiest and ninth month of the Islamic calendar, the significance of the holy month is all about sacrifice, giving & fasting. It lasts for 29-30 days, and the entire city of Dubai dedicatedly follows all the rituals & spends the entire month harmoniously. Not only the Muslims, but the Non-Muslims also cooperate with one another during the holy month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, the main focus is on fasting. People follow the dawn to dusk rule during the entire holy month of Ramadan, no age bars, everyone in the family eat the meal before sunrise known as Suhoor & breaks the fasting after the sunset with water & dates followed by an array of delicacies known as Iftar. During Ramzan, the nightlife becomes amazing as everyone eats together & most people spend the night enjoying with their families & friends. People also prefer to book yachts during the month to spend time & relish the iftar.

There are various rules & regulations with aspects to the lifestyle of people during Ramzan. People of Dubai follow all the rules religiously, rules such as women have to cover their shoulders & wear dresses below their knees, men are also not allowed to move around in shorts. During Ramadan, no one is allowed to smoke, drink or eat during the fasting hours.

Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan

Visit a Mosque


Who does not know about the architecture of Dubai? All of us do. When it comes to the beauty of Mosques, it multiples during the holy month Ramzan. You can go on Mosque tours in Dubai to understand the Islamic religion better. If you are in Dubai, do not even think of missing out on Jumeirah Mosque.

Be a part of grand Iftar meal


The Iftar meal is the most attractive and must experience during Ramzan. Everyone who observes the fasting breaks their fast with water & dates and a lavish dinner. You will find all the hotels in Dubai serving Iftar post-sunset, this is the best time to relish the Arabian delicacy, meat cooked slowly with rice, dine like an Emirati, you can also try shisha, or you can choose to dine in the tents by the dunes.

Explore Dubai minus the crowd


During Ramzan, people do not travel to Dubai, as everyone in Dubai would fast & the super-fast-paced city almost comes to hibernation during Ramadan. But if you are wise enough, this is the best time to explore all the tourist attractions easily & comfortably as there would be no rush or crowd in the city. You will find plenty of hotel rooms available, the same is for cabs too!

Luxury yachts offering great Iftar meal


Yachting is the lifestyle of Dubai, people from all around the world come to Dubai, spend time, and relax on the luxury yachts of Dubai. There are plenty of yacht rental companies offering a great yachting experience to all the tourists the entire year. During Ramzan, the yacht companies offer the stretch of Arabian delicacies to people who would love to spend time with their near & dear ones during the holy month & break the pious fast with them and relish the scrumptious Iftar. You can also witness the beauty of Dubai during Ramzan & the mesmerizing city necklace.

During Ramadan, the entire city is high on spirituality and focuses to rise above the materialistic aspect of life, people also believe that during Ramzan, fasting helps them in getting rid of the sins and guilt of the soul. The entire city vibes in the festive mode & greet each other Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem.

Be a part of this holy month & enjoy every side of Dubai.

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