Ramzan Iftar @ Champion Yachts
Iftar starts from 5:30 pm onwards
(3rd Apr’ to 2nd May)


Iftar Buffet & Cruise: Celebrate Holy Ramzan in Dubai

Break your Iftar fast in one of the beautiful luxury yachts in Dubai with a beautiful sunset by the beach. Since Dubai homes a lot of Islamic believers so the majority of them choose to fast for the entire day and break the fast in the evening. Well, this could be the best time to plan a trip to Dubai and experience the festive vibe all around Dubai.

We at Champion Yachts would love to greet you with a wide smile and a scrumptious buffet meal covering the best of delicious Arabian cuisine! All you have to do is book a cruise in Dubai to break the fast and relish the Iftar by us.

Book a Cruise for Ramadan Celebration in Dubai

Champion Yachts has come up with this innovative idea of letting people enjoy the grand Iftar meal together with their loved ones on a luxury cruise in Dubai. We ensure our customers have all the liberty to customize their packages & services for their celebrations. We offer things that would add on as an advantage of choosing Champion Yachts to stay & party.

  • Luxurious suite roomsLuxurious suite rooms
  • Spa servicesSpa services
  • Exotic food and beveragesExotic food and beverages
  • 24*7 customer support24*7 customer support
  • Internet accessInternet access
  • Customizable packagesCustomizable packages

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