Six Best Romantic Getaways in Dubai

Six Best Romantic Getaways in Dubai

Revive the romance with your partner through some exhilarating Six Best Romantic Getaways in Dubai from the magnetizing sunsets to the lavish dinner on yacht. Away from the hustle and bustle, plan a getaway in Dubai on the limitless placid water of Marina.

Let’s take a look at the top romantic getaways in Dubai:

1. Candle Light Dinner on Yacht

Romantic Candle Light Dinner on Yacht

What’s more beautiful than a date night while exploring the astonishing sightseeing of Dubai on a yacht? The grandeur of the city of Dubai is best enjoyed at night. Specially when the stars are twinkling, the skyscrapers are lit in full glory and the climate is just perfect to enjoy a long drive. Capture the pleasing city lights on a motionless cruise, with a theme based ambiance and opulent dinner with your better half and escape the city traffic. Candle light dinner on luxury yacht Dubai can add cherry on the top of your date cake.

2. Honeymoon Holiday

Romantic Honeymoon Holiday on a yacht Dubai

Relieve yourself from the hassles of finding the right venue for a honeymoon! Get the best deals and offers on a romantic stay in Dubai. Begin the most romantic journey taxiing through the beautiful Marina beach, out in the Arabian Sea around the Palm Jumeirah. From the apex of the island Palm The Atlantis, head back past the Sheik Mohammed’s Island.

3. Overnight Stay on a Yacht

Overnight Stay on a Yacht Dubai

Experience an overnight stay at yacht in Dubai within a lavish and extravagant setting on a private yacht, under the unbounded beautiful sky.  What’s more romantic than enjoying an alleviating night onshore breeze and watching morning sunrise!

Sail through the spectacular Dubai Marina and watch the fascinating glitz and glamour of the City. Nevertheless, none can beat a classic and Romantic Dinner experience while cruising through the Dubai Creek.

4. Adventure Rides and Water Sports

Best Adventure Rides and Water Sports in Dubai

For an adventure loving couples, here is a chance to explore some taste of adventure through water sports. Water ride is an excellent opportunity to break free from the boredom and rejuvenate sleepy-drowsy souls.

Explore some of the exciting activities like Banana Boat Ride to enjoy the thrill of the sea with your partner. You can also Hire a Private Yacht out and have the yacht runners take you over to the Islands through the crystal clear water of Marina. Fishing is yet another way to fill your soul with adventure and ultimately when tired, have a lazy lunch at the beach!

5. Sunset Dinner Cruise

Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina

Bored with the regular wine and dine ritual? Here is a chance to embark for an ultra-romantic dining set up, right in the middle the beautiful and stunning Marina.  cherish the togetherness while sailing and watching the astonishing sunset with your loved one.

Enhance your cruising experience with some lavish dinner, private Jacuzzi and some slow romantic music. There’s just something about sitting on a cliff with a glass of wine and watching as the golden sun falls beneath the horizon. It is, one of magical moment that you would love to cherish with your partner. And of course, sailing through the gulf shores under the glittering skylines of the city will definitely lead to an unforgettable experience.

6. Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Wedding Anniversary Celebration on a Yacht Dubai

Into the stunning serene water and around the exquisite surroundings of Marina with your family and friends, you can conduct your wedding anniversary on point! Embark with our major ones to cherish the journey full of all the beautiful memories. Relive the moments of accomplishments which you have undergone with your partner.

Having a romantic anniversary on a yacht is a perfect way to show to yourself and your partner just how special you are to one another. Also by recognizing friends and family that have inspired your relationship, you can form a whole new bond and a feeling of togetherness among each other.

Happy Getaway!
Ishika Yadav
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