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It’s a dream for everyone, to enjoy the life within lavish and extravagant settings. One of the best ways to experience such luxurious surroundings is to opt for, an overnight stay on a premium yacht rental Dubai. Overnight stays are more special in Dubai, with all its glitz and glamour. Sailing around this city provides the illuminating views of the skyscrapers, artificial canals, manmade islands and all other splendors. Sailing through, the spectacular Dubai Marina is an experience in itself, with glittering high rises on both sides. Moreover, spending some quality time on a luxury yacht is something everyone wishes for.

With Royal Champion Yachts’ Overnight yacht stay package, you can experience everything above mentioned and much more. Renting a Yacht has never been easier before, and you can opt for both whole days and overnights. Although, Overnights has to be more special as you can negate the daytime Mediterranean weather of Arab and just relax on deck in a cool atmosphere. You can sail around the whole city with your loved one or friends or family, and relish the sea breeze along with spectacular views. You can now stay and plan an overnight yacht stay in Goa too.

Overnight Cruise Stay will also let you experience the surreal sunrise over the Persian Gulf. It’s a view which attracts tourists alone to go for a sail. With an overnight sail, you can have the same experience within much comfort and cozy atmosphere.

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Stay On Yacht, Dubai

Overnight Yacht Stays, Sunrise cruise and long Night parties with Royal Champion Yachts

You can also celebrate many special occasions on a night long yacht trip and believe me; they will measure up way beyond your expectations. Some of the better occasions, which will let you enjoy the overnight stays are,

  • yacht wedding anniversary partyA yacht wedding anniversary party for yourself or parents will be great on night long sail. It will really be the celebration which perfectly goes like an event to remember for decades.
  • Overnight YachtYou want to have, that long delayed reunion with your old friends and make it memorable for a lifetime. Go overboard with overnight yacht reunion parties and be the same old buddies without anyone disturbing you.
  • Family Gathering PartyA family gathering and an adventure might be the perfect plan to bring everyone together. Take everyone and sail through the night. With food, music, party and everything else you will have an awesome
  • Overnight Yacht StaysAnother thing that you will love with overnight yacht stays is that you can just go into water as soon as the sun rises and spend those uncanny moments of dawn while swimming or snorkeling.
  • Royal Champion YachtThe last but not the least is the five star amenities offered by Royal Champion Yachts at quite affordable prices, which includes decorations, breakfast, snacks, beverages and much more
Royal Champion Yachts

The yachting lifestyle has been redefined in the best way by Royal Champion Yachts. We are one of the leading yacht rental brands in Dubai with the most innovative perceptions, with regard to planning yacht trips. One of our most beloved packages is the “Yacht Night Stay Dubai Marina package” and we try to make it better every time.

See the beautiful dawn and dusk from the best places with us. Our captain knows, the exact locations where you can get picture perfect moments. Moreover, our luxury cabins, rooms, decks and other amenities will make you feel cozy and euphoric at the same time.

Benefits of Royal Champion Yachts’ Overnight Cruise Stay in Dubai

There’s nothing better than yachting in Dubai; its exotic, it’s beautiful and it’s going to be an unforgettable experience! Check out some of the exposures a yacht trip offers,

The yachting lifestyle: Change is always good. With our overnight cruise stays on a yacht in Dubai, live the elite life with luxury cabins, exquisite dining and much more!

The elite experience: Live in luxury guest rooms with lovely Jacuzzis, saunas and swimming pools.

The travel: Exploring Dubai from all sides, within a single trip, can only be possible with a yacht..

The people: Meet new people onboard and create associations with various ethnicities.

The life experience: Have the experience of a sea voyage along with comfort.


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