12 Topmost Tourist Places to visit in Dubai

12 Topmost Tourist Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is a spectacular city that is surrounded by desert, skyscrapers, picturesque waterfront attractions from all its sides.

It is so mesmerizing to see how every part of the city sparkles with bright lights filled with glitz and glam showcasing various entertainment options. A city that replaces one spectacle with another.

Once the city was known for Burj Al Arab, then it came to be known for Palm Jumeirah, and now it’s known for Burj Khalifa. It just keeps growing every day!

Enveloped with such glorious and majestic grandeur, one is not much aware of the top tourist places in Dubai. Hence, we will guide you through the top tourist attractions that you should never miss out on when you are in Dubai.


dubai miracle garden

The world’s largest flower garden is in Dubai and it goes by the name of Dubai Miracle Garden. This flower garden has more than 100 million flowers and the view here is so stunning that even the frequent visitors get charmed every single time they pay a visit.

Set to give you the otherworldly feel as if you are walking through Alice’s Wonderland, the flowers are arranged in colorful arches and patterns, forming myriad shapes that are truly magnificent. You might just spend the whole day experiencing this signature creation!



An underwater aquatic zoo is situated inside Dubai Mall. It has a 48 m long tunnel and has covered 11 m of underwater depth. This zoo is one of the most noteworthy experiences you will ever have of marine life without actually diving into the water! Explore the aquatic floras and faunas from deep underwater.

Feel the thrill as the huge sharks and rays swim past you from a fraction of a distance. The zoo has approximately 140 varieties of aquatic species. Some of the marine animals you can witness here are rays, sharks, piranhas, water rats, catfish, sea dragons, and many more. Go cage snorkeling & shark diving for that adrenaline rush.


al bastakiya dubai

Explore a serene old Arabic world on the streets and corridors of Bastakiya. It is also commonly known as Al Fahidi Historical District or Al Bastakiya. This heritage town will give you the Arabian Knights feel as you go between the old buildings and the historical market.

If you love the old-world charm then this picturesque residential area will take your breath away. It has stores selling traditional art and crafts and its brown wooden doors, wind towers, and white mosque sets give you a whole new vibe.

The buildings here are made of coral, mud, gypsum, and palm wood and yet they stand through the test of time. It also has an art gallery named Majlis gallery showcasing the highest quality artworks. Enjoy breakfast and refreshments at the Arabian Tea House in that nostalgic setting.



The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is the UAE’s first national park. This is the perfect desert safari which offers a unique landscape of sand dunes and desert fauna. The total spread of the area is 225 sq. km.

Caracal, Sand Fox, and Leptiens Spiny-tailed Lizard, along with a collection of other cats, dogs, lizards, and insects are the prime attraction of this safari. This desert is not all barren; you can sight Date Palms & Desert Squash here.

Want to try something fun? Go sand skiing, an alternative to snow skiing!! This is equally enjoyable. After the sunset, you will be treated to authentic Bedouin camps with delicious meals and a bonfire. Arabian belly dancing is the icing on the cake!


global village dubai

Hop between Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas in a blink, as Dubai’s attraction of the season brings the globe to your feet.

The Global village is a must-see experience. It is the world’s leading multicultural amusement park and the region’s first destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment. It offers the cultural ambiance of various countries. It combines the cultures of 90 countries across the world in one place.

The Global Village has its own kind of shopping extravaganza and a seasonal feature that happens every year. It can be called UAE’s biggest marketplace and funfair. It has amusement rides suitable for both kids and adults, including Ferris wheels, coasters, bumper cars, and many more. Go explore the melting pot of wow!


jumeirah beach

Jumeirah Beach, with its picturesque surroundings, is undeniably one of the most popular as well as frequently visited tourist spots in Dubai.

Down the Dubai coast, there is a place where individuals gather to unwind and drink at Jumeirah Beach. This is often a one-stop beach destination in Dubai which has been a favorite for ages. The cuisines of the beach restaurants are delicious along with the sun loungers.

It is home to some of the world-renowned attractions, one being the significant being Burj Al Arab – the only seven-star hotel to be the 8th Wonder of the World, and lots more. You can also explore a wide variety of water sports such as Jet Skiing, Banana boating, paragliding & surfing.


bur dubai grand mosque

A popular pilgrimage shrine of Dubai is the Grand Mosque. It’s among the 8 biggest mosques in the world and is an architectural marvel. Grand Mosque Dubai in Bur has always remained the hub of Dubai’s religious and cultural life.

This place has distinctive blue lighting due to the blue mosaic work which illuminates in the night and is adored by the visitors for its ambiance. The corridors of the mosques are illuminated by the biggest lights in the world and the pillars are designed with 24-carat gold.

In case you didn’t know, the Bur Dubai Grand mosque is the home to the tallest Minaret in Dubai. The mosque boasts of 70 m tall minaret which looks like a lighthouse tower.


alserkal avenue

Alserkal Avenue has emerged as one of Dubai’s most influential creative enclaves. It holds a wide array of contemporary art galleries. Ayyam Gallery, Green Art Gallery, and The Third Line are some of the most established ones.

This area also consists of a number of startups. It’s a pallet of beautiful artwork that inspires and showcases new talents. From being blocks of art galleries, the area has now morphed into an urban hub fusing exotic fashion boutiques and restaurants to also hosting cultural events like Art Dubai and Art Nights.

When on a visit to Alserkal Avenue do not forget the massive art installation that asks “When Will You Return?” so that you pay a visit once more!



Located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the radiant center of culture and arts in Dubai and the shining pearl of The Opera District. It has a wide range of performances and events dwelling on theatre, opera, ballet, comedy, concerts, and many more.

A major attraction of this place is that it has a count of a whooping 2000 seats among which 900 seats could be readjusted. Its design is based on the most advanced hydraulics.

Dubai Opera has the exceptional ability to transform into 3 modes: From a theatre into a concert hall and into a ‘flat floor’ mode becoming a banquet or event hall. These can be done depending on the need.



Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest structure within the town, is perhaps one amongst the go-to-destinations in Dubai. If you happen to be a history buff, Dubai Museum is set within its premises. It was opened in 1971 (the year the federation was formed), to be an official museum that displays the history of Dubai and its original heritage.

Here, you’ll study the evolution of Dubai right from being a little deserted fishing village to turning into a city of dreams. Inside, there are historical artifacts of the Bedouin life and showcases the importance of the ocean before the invention of oil.



When you visit Dubai, one best activity is to set out toward the desert and have the Arabian Camel Safari encounter. This movement draws out the validness of visiting UAE and living an Arabian style i.e. experiencing camel riding in the desert, which is surely a standout among other activities in Dubai.

Additionally, with a moderate and alleviating camel rough ride, a bumpy drive on a 4X4 is a way to feel the adrenaline rush. There is also a Falcon display where you can host the Falcon on your arms and get the fun picture like most tourists.

If you are keen on exploring the desert on a morning camel safari then it is another way of appreciating the desert. This will serve as a splendid memory amid your other visits to Dubai.



Shout prompting trips are everything that you will see while you visit this entertainment park when compared to other entertainment parks in Dubai i.e. Wild Wadi.

Situated in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, this awe-inspiring traveler site is regularly thumbs family vacationers and the best part is, every one of the rides in the recreation center is made adjustable for various kind of guests.

Wild Wadi has a total of 30 rides. One amongst them is a 20-meter pair of slides that initiate at a challenging pace of 80 km/h. When it makes a drop from the Jumeirah skyline, you may very well need to hold your heart tight.

Riptide flow riders, wipeout, and tantrum alley are among some other rides that will give your internal action junkie a thrilling experience!

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