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Dubai and Watersports go hand in hand

Dubai is one of the most loved travel destinations for adventure seekers. Apart from adventure sports like quad biking, zip lining, helicopter rides, etc., beach activities in Dubai are gaining popularity. It is becoming a hub for water sports activities. Adrenaline junkies from all over the world are coming to experience these world-class water sports activities in Dubai. With its vast coastline and warm weather, Dubai has become the perfect destination where adults as well as kids can indulge in water activities in Dubai. These activities are completely safe here, as, well-trained instructors are there to guide you through your adventurous journey. The equipment is available for rent and is thoroughly quality-checked by supervisors. So if you are a beginner or an experienced player, Dubai is the place for you to bring out your wild side. For the adrenaline junkies, there are daring sports like jet skiing and wakeboarding and if you are weak-hearted then you can go for activities like kayaking, banana boat riding, etc.

Dubai has all the marine thrills i.e. Diving, Sailing, Jet Skiing, snorkeling, and much more. Dubai has a 50 km long coastline and hence can cater to all natures of watersports. Usually, the weather of Dubai is temperate with clear skies; perfect weather for sea adventures. Hence, a sail at dusk, a high-speed jet ski, adventurous flyboarding and much more can be enjoyed within the watersports packages offered by Royal Champion Yachts, Dubai.

Here are some of the best watersports activities that can be enjoyed in Dubai:
water sports Underwater Experiences

Dubai is a place, loved by scuba divers as it offers warm waters. With such temperate conditions, it’s a hotspot for underwater diving throughout the year. A major attraction for underwater adventurers is the large number of shipwrecks to explore.

Scuba diving in Dubai is a mesmerizing adventure that unveils a world of vibrant marine life, natural coral formations, and mysterious shipwrecks. Beginners can go for guided dives led by experienced instructors, while advanced divers can delve deeper into more challenging sites. The renowned ‘Anchor Barge’ wreck and the stunning coral gardens of ‘Dibba Rock’ are just a couple of the many dive sites that Dubai offers.You can also appreciate the diverse ecosystem that thrives beneath the surface and encounter graceful rays to schools of colorful fish.

People who want to experience the thrill but are not willing to go underwater can try Snorkeling. We have the best professional gear for snorkeling activities and with that, you can enjoy all the underwater visuals. Snorkeling also allows you to be in the water for a long time.

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Experience Dubai in the trending way- Try out banana boat rides
water sports The Classic Watersport Activities

Classic watersports activities include parasailing, wakeboarding, and tubing. Parasailing is almost flying in the air while being tied to a boat, Tubing is being dragged on the water surface on a tube boat and Wakeboarding is a combination of surfing and water skiing.

All these classic watersports have been famous for the thrill they provide and the enthusiasm for them goes on and on. As it’s practiced by so many; hence, they have also become favored activities by groups and families. If you opt for such thrills, with Royal Champion Yachts, Dubai, then rest assured, that you will be availed of the best quality along with the best equipment.

Some of the other popular watersports will include, kayaks, banana boat rides, and paddle boarding. Kayaking is a mild water adventure in Dubai where you have to sit on a small watercraft and propel yourself using a double-sided paddle. Maximum 2 people can ride a kayak. If you have a larger group then you can opt for a banana boat ride. Banana boats can accommodate up to 10 riders. It looks like a banana and is attached to a speed boat that drags it along water at a high speed. Paddle boarding is another activity where you can enjoy the surroundings as you sail across the calm waters.

water sports Cruise around the Dubai Sea like Speed Racers

If you love speed and water then Jet skis are perfect for you. In Dubai, it becomes even more special as you can travel along the famous landmarks of Dubai on a Jet Ski. You can Jet ski around Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and much more. Every tour will have an instructor to make your rides more enjoyable and safe.

water sports Royal Champion Yachts

Have the time of your life with Royal Champion Yachts' Water Sports in Dubai Packages. Several locations are known for their indulgence in water sports along the Dubai Coastline. Rent a yacht and enjoy some of the best of water sports in Dubai with our Champion packages.

Dubai is one of the few esteemed locations, which conveniently provides cruises for rent and offers the best precautionary measures for enjoying water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

Dubai is also one of the most developed locations in the world, with exotic marine flora and fauna! To make you enjoy all of those, Royal Champion Yachts offers, the most affordable and exciting luxury yacht in Dubai with amenities like never before!

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The best thing about Royal Champion Yachts is that we care for our clients like none other. We provide options for water-based adventures as well as beach adventures. Check out some prime reasons to opt for us:

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  • Best crew with a decade of experienceBest crew with a decade of experience
  • Picture perfect locations for water sportsPicture perfect locations for water sports

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