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Birthday Party on Yacht

Birthday Celebration in Dubai

Are you thinking of having a birthday party in Dubai? Why not rent a yacht in Dubai? It can't get any more grandiose than this. Yacht rentals in Dubai offer one of the most unique experiences to either plan your own birthday party in Dubai or to surprise your loved ones on their birthday. With Arabian Sea and the Dubai skyline at the backdrop, it can make a birthday party in Dubai the most talked about in your social circles.

What can you expect on a Yacht Birthday party?

With completely customizable packages available, you can also take it a notch up by considering a luxury yacht rental in Dubai. To make things easier, a yacht rental in Dubai is one of the most seamless experiences. With your own private crew and a customizable party cruise package, you can have one of the most exuberant birthday parties for your special one. The cruise night stay Dubai also offers overnight stay on the yacht, so you can go ahead and enjoy the night cruise party. For the party cruise in Dubai you can choose exotic locations to overlook like the world islands, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeriah.

With more than a decade of experience in yacht rental Dubai, there is nothing to worry about on safety and reliability at Champion Yachts during your birthday party in Dubai. Your yacht birthday party could be one of the best bangs for buck, with affordable party cruise packages which is within your reach and you could even try your hand at driving the yacht, under our guidance. Whether you are looking to invite a small group of friends or a large group, our birthday party packages can accommodate all your needs. Our yacht rental has up to 9 bedrooms for all your friends to enjoy your cruise night stay in Dubai. Imagine celebrating your birthday party on yacht with all the entertainment, exotic food and drinks with the best music! There is nothing to worry as our staff takes care of all your needs.

What is Champion Yachts offering on your birthday?

Birthdays are one of the special days in the year, more so given how COVID pandemic has impacted everyone across the world. Given the circumstances, Dubai has emerged as one of the safest places to travel giving you the perfect reason to plan your birthday party in the golden city.

Our party yacht charters and cruises will be an experience like no other, like having a moving 5 star resort on the ocean! Yacht party packages include an overwhelming amount of activities to choose from.

From night clubs, dance floors to Jacuzzi, sauna and theatre at your disposal - your cruise party in Dubai will have plenty of things to do to keeping everyone occupied.

If you are thinking of doing something new on your birthday, we also have an array of water sports activities available for you and your friends to experience during your birthday in Dubai.

You need not worry about food and drinks either; our yacht rental has a plethora of food and drinks options available to choose from.

We have hosted a large number of cruise parties and birthday parties in Dubai and our customers have been one of the most vocal ambassadors of our service. We will leave no stone unturned for your cruise party.

If you are still in doubt, you can follow us on all major social media channels and read our reviews. Rest assured, rent a yacht in Dubai and spend an amazing birthday party in Dubai. So go ahead, visit us online and remember to plan early and get all your party wears ready for yours or your loved one's birthday party in Dubai. Welcome onboard!

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