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Wedding On A Yacht – A dreamy day

Marriages are made in heaven but heavenly weddings can definitely be made here. A wedding is certainly one of the most important days of your life, lots of us have always dreamt of a perfect wedding ever since we were kids. When you imagine a perfect wedding setup you always think about beaches and Mountains, beautiful landscape and all the lovely colors around. So, here we are with a plan for a perfect wedding. Wedding on a Yacht in Dubai could be your dream wedding destination. Amidst the gigantic blue ocean overlooking the beautiful city landscape as a backdrop, surrounded by your favorite colors. Doesn’t it already sound like a perfect wedding?

Royal Champion Yachts is equipped to give that magical touch and make your special day even more special. We have a crew to help you plan everything from scratch. We have all the premium facilities that are required for a picture-perfect fairy tale wedding.

Countless perks of a Yacht wedding in Dubai

There are innumerable reasons why you should choose a Luxury Yacht Wedding in Dubai and here we are with some of the important ones. Anyone and everyone on your wedding guest list would certainly remember two things, the first sight of the wedding set-up and the food. Guess what? We are experts in both; we have a team with great aesthetic sense and would certainly help you with the best décor as per your taste and budget. Delicious food spread, multiple beverage options, great music, dreamy décor filled with glitz and glamour is available at your service. Wedding Yacht Rentals in Dubai is the new way to host the most lavish wedding party in the town.

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The Personalized dream wedding cruise

Are you someone with a specific taste when it comes to planning an event? Do not worry, our team is really good at taking orders and executing it as it is. You can specify each detail as you wish and we will make sure we replicate it. We also curate themed weddings and do the décor, food, beverages, etc as per the theme. It’s always fun to pick up a theme for the event. For eg: you could pick up a specific color and do the décor accordingly and you can request your guests to adhere to the color when they choose their clothes. We bet the pictures will look like straight from a fairy tale wedding. Royal Champion Yachts is one of the best Wedding yachts in Dubai when it comes to food, hospitality, and safety. We serve exotic global cuisines and beverages which gives you and your guests a hell lot of options to choose from. Apart from that, there are multiple activities, water sports, games for the entertainment of your guests. Your guests will linger on to the memories of the wedding for a long time. So, whether you are planning your wedding or your loved one, you know where to come.

If you are overwhelmed and you think it’s going to cost you a lot, then we must tell you that we have planned yacht weddings in Dubai in all kinds of the budget from a decent one to an exorbitant one. So, don’t worry just call us and we will help you plan the most magical wedding amidst the sea which is filled love, fun, laughter, glitz, and glamour.


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