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Corporate Team Building

Build the dream team on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Team building events have always been the best tool for engagement and bonding within a work environment. When you strive for either winning or losing, with your fellow colleagues it really ignites a sense of belonging and trust. Sometimes, team building also has particular goals, for addressing the issues, through specific activities.

From employees’ point of view also, a “Team Building Yacht Rental Trip” is refreshing. They will feel great that their organization is going so far to treat them well.

It will also be a good promotional event for the organization as a “Yacht Team Building Event” is the type of news that becomes the “talk of the town” and “promotes your work culture”.

Corporate team building activities on a yacht will really test the survival skills of participants and make them realize there strengths and weaknesses in a better manner. Although being challenging; the activities on a yacht can be participated by all and at any age. It will really act as a bonding; as on a yacht, you are not bothered by any other crowd. You are sailing in the middle of the sea with just your team onboard.

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Top advantages of team building activities on yacht
  • People learn to strive for the best
  • It promotes better interaction and communication
  • The watersports on a yacht requires strategic planning
  • It inculcates better problem solving
  • A sailing yacht also teaches you adapt yourself to the changing environment
  • Surf n’ Turf Relays- Surf and swimming relay races. Purpose: To build fitness and sportsmanship
  • A sailing yacht creates uncluttered attention as no one’s leaving unless it halts
Some of the best team building activities that fit in are:
  • Make something or do something with only the resources you have. It promotes creative problem solving and makes you more efficient.
  • Take some of the trickiest problems and note them all down. Now ask every group to solve the problem within the given time limit. It will certainly promote teamwork, creativity, and communication
  • Make some psychological games and find out what inspires people and what doesn’t
  • Make everyone share some of their hobbies. It will make everyone understand the others in a better way.
  • Hide and seek with props and puzzles are always great
A “Team Building Yacht Rental Trip” will also have
  • Trophies or awards for the participants
  • Corporate banners to display on the yacht
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Accommodations with Jacuzzis and luxurious suite rooms
  • Entertainment with best in class stereos and screen halls
  • Lavish Meals and/or snacks
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Independent facilitators
  • Two truths, one lie: Here, each one has to mention 2 truths and 1 lie- the rest of the team must guess the lie.
  • Purpose:To bring employees closer to one another, building bonds of honesty and friendship
  • Navigation for home: A member of the team shall be blindfolded and will compete with the other team. The blindfolded individual must reach the destination without touching any obstructions with the help of the team members.
  • Purpose: Develop listening skills, teamwork and other skills!
  • Taboo: Similar to dumb charades except, the individual must use words other than on the paper for guessing.
  • Purpose: To develop communication skills, catering to all kinds of speakers and listeners
  • Tug of War on-board: Same as the regular tug of war.
  • Purpose: Team building, using strengths of all in the team Build Burj Khalifa with Spaghetti sticks- the most stable one wins.
  • Purpose: To build teamwork, coordination, logical reasons and so on Surf n' Turf Relays: Surf and swimming relay races.
  • Purpose: To build fitness and sportsmanship Drumming all the way: Just keep playing drum beats with the team.
  • Purpose: Boosts the immunity system. Coordination amongst employees

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