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Candle Light Dinner in Dubai

Experience the most Romantic Candle Light Dinner in Dubai

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the street lights sparkle at night by the roads in Dubai while you're enjoying a Romantic Candle Light Dinner on cruise in Dubai. Royal Champion Yachts brings to you the most Romantic Candle Light Dinner on Yacht & Cruise in Dubai package with luxury services, rooms, dining spaces, lovely decks and so much more.

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and opulence with a private dinner cruise experience in the heart of Dubai. Nestled within the dazzling cityscape and overlooking the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, this exclusive experience promises an unforgettable evening of enchantment. Aboard your elegant yacht, and get treated to a culinary journey of gourmet delights, surrounded by the breathtaking views of Dubai's iconic structures. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a celebration with loved ones, or an intimate gathering, a private candle light dinner in Dubai is a truly immersive experience that encapsulates the city's elegance and grandeur.

Specifications 1 Hr 15 Guest/
Marina 1 Hr 1200 AED
BBQ 2 Hr 2100 AED

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Exclusive amenities with romantic candle light dinner in Dubai
  • Inclusive of dinnerInclusive of dinner
  • Overnight stay availableOvernight stay available
  • Customized yachts are possibleCustomized yachts are possible
  • Sightseeing at its bestSightseeing at its best
  • Choice of seat selectionChoice of seat selection, etc.

Explore the best and the most romantic, Candle Light Dinner experience across Dubai with Royal Champion Yachts. Our Dubai yacht rental services and offerings will allow the clients, to experience romantic dates in an exquisitely decorated ambiance with enough grandeur, along with a delicious 4-course or 5-course meal.

The contemporary lifestyle can leave you with very little time to celebrate your love in a grand manner with all the rush and hustle of life. Hence, to help you reignite that old spark in a serene environment, Champion Yachts, Dubai, has created some gorgeous yet affordable, Yacht Candle Light Dinner Packages for you. It will be a perfect evening for a couple and a great gift for your beloved.

Why candle light dinner on yacht

A yacht candle light dinner will make birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day special for your loved one

The day will be far from the hustle and into the relaxation of sea along with the romantic ambience

The ambience will be emphasized with flowers, candles, food decorations, music, decorated furnishing and much more

It will be as private as you can have, as you will be away from the rush of the city

You will be treated with food specialties such as bespoke menu and gourmet cuisines

You can opt the your preferred specialties with cuisines from around the world, such as Asian, Chinese , Mexican, Thai and much more

The Yacht could sail or halt at various locations to give that perfect backdrop and sceneries to cherish the surroundings.

Why opt for Royal Champions Yacht in Dubai

Royal Champions Yacht defines the height of luxury and opulence. They are pioneers in this industry and have ruled it for several years. They have an extensive fleet of well-maintained yachts.

They have installed state-of-the-art safety features on the vessels. You can take a look at the safety features before renting a yacht for you and your loved one so that you can spend an evening peacefully creating memories that will last forever.

They have different vessels to select from. You can choose a catamaran, or a speed motor boat, or a bigger yacht if you want. You will find several customizable packages to suit your budget and preferences.  

There are several water sports activities on the yachts. To add adventure to your candle light dinner in Dubai, you can opt for jet-skiing, scuba diving, water sliding, and more. The sports gears are available on the yacht and there are people to help you out on your adventure.

You can ask our team to arrange for a specially curated candle light dinner for you and your partner. They are exceptionally good at planning and executing such dinners. You can choose a theme for the dinners and select a playlist to be played in the background. The crew is extremely professional and they make it a point to give you some privacy while you are enjoying the candle light dinner in Dubai’s Royal Champion Yacht.

Some best options for a Yacht Candle Light Dinner
  • Sunset Yacht Candle Light Dinner
  • Yacht Candle Light Dinner in Dubai Marina

So come and enjoy some Romantic Candle Light Dinner cruise in Dubai with Royal Champion Yachts. It will be the best Romantic private Candle Light dinner cruise in Dubai with your loved one. Your memorable moments are just a call away!


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