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Have an exceptionally unique stay at Dubai by the blue waters – try the Champion Yachts offshore sailing club. It comprises of the amenities any 5- star hotels alongside adventure sports, evening cruises, parties and more.

Champion Yachts is a leading yacht charter in Dubai and sailing in it is an experience for life. Here’s why you must book your spot at the Dubai yacht sailing Club right away

  • Enjoy personalized experiences - choose your luxurious suite rooms
  • VideoSee famous buildings and structures during Dubai tour in yacht
  • Chaffers are available as per need
  • Luxury dining spaces with gourmet quality food
  • Availability of computers and internet connection as per need
  • DJ, personal bartender, open bar
  • Striking lobby with spectacular meeting spaces
  • Exceptional interiors and the like

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Why pick Champion Yachts as your Dubai yacht sailing Club ?

Dubai is a piece of art- people live there and it’s so well- developed. Champion Yachts are the best of yacht Charter in Dubai with a variety of amenities. Moreover, we're known for our hospitality, crew, security, luxury cruise services, and interiors and so on.

An insight into Champion Yachts Dubai sails for Rent

Champion Yachts owns one of the most popular yachts from across the world. The specifications are awesome and can cope with the need of the hour, unlike the rest. Check out some of the generic features our yachts have, it’s just what you need:

  • Private Jacuzzis
  • Rooms for laundry, salons etc.
  • Luxury dining spaces with the best crew
  • Authentic Arabian dishes & drinks
  • Dance floor, night club
  • Ample Air-conditioning for Middle East Weather
  • Lot of Accessories, Safety Equipment, Life Rafts, 1200 Life jackets, Chinaware, Toys and others
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