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Perfect yacht to celebrate your corporate events

The beauty of corporate events is that it acts as a marketing base for employees. There are lots of potential employees who would look forward to a company because of their corporate events. Hence, be the change by offering a luxurious corporate events yacht charter Dubai to your employees and partners.

Champion Yachts owns, some of the most exclusive and yacht in Dubai. These cruises have the best world class amenities on board.

Champions Yachts, Dubai, have the perfect settings for all types of corporate events such as, meetings, anniversaries, conferences, interviews, Trade shows, Appreciation events, Holiday parties, Product launches, Business dinners, Conferences, Incentive trips, Charity events, Board meetings, Team-building events.

Our yachts have every corporate facility and luxury you can demand and desire. All our boats are also well equipped for events both will all time constraints. While serving you with the utmost professional environment and services, we also have a plethora of top class amenities to make your events special. Some facilities which make our vessels perfect for Corporate yacht party or corporate events yacht charter Dubai are:-

  • Conference or meetings rooms
  • Latest and advanced communication equipment, a reliable internet connection
  • Perfect and pleasing open-air diners
  • Great cuisines
  • Elite drinks
  • Sleeping rooms
  • Corporate decorations
  • Lavish Food
  • Deserts and Drinks
  • Professional Staff

Events which will look extra special on yachts

Yacht Trade Shows

Spread awareness about your products and services on a beautiful Yacht. The lavish arrangements of a yacht will attract a much wider audience while establishing you as a big player.

Yacht Corporate Holiday Parties

Trust us, when we say that a holiday celebration on a yacht will be 10 times more awesome than anywhere else. All the activities and events will have that special spunk with a sailing yacht.

Product launches on a Yacht

Invite everyone to a product launch which they will really enjoy. Everyone loves sailing and your products will make a far lasting impact.

Business Dinners on a yacht

Invite your business partners and show them how much you care for your partners. The lavish and grandeur of a Luxury yacht trip is a perfect way to show appreciation towards partnerships.

Conferences on a Yacht

Turn those important yet stereotypical conferences into a gathering that everyone’s onboard, both mentally and literally!

Charity Events on a Yacht

Make your charity events the talk of the town and catch everyone’s attention with a yacht as the venue.

A Team Building event on a Yacht

You don’t need to try much when your team is at such exiting surroundings it will bring everyone together quite effortlessly.


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