valentines day

Raise a toast to the day of love with a lovely candle light dinner, exquisite food, wine and all things fine.

Once in a while, we must switch off from the hustle-bustle and celebrate with our special ones. The day of love is around the corner and isn’t it the perfect occasion to treat your special one? You just have to pick up your phone and call us, we have planned it all. A Valentine's Day Yacht in Dubai Marina is certainly the perfect escape for you and your better half. On the Yacht, we have Lip-smacking food, refreshing drinks, romantic décor, lavish set-up and much more. Our crew on Champion Yachts has planned the most special Valentine ’s Day celebration for all you lovey doveys. Our seasoned staff is available to help you enjoy the evening to the core. Our world-class services are well applauded by consumers across the world and we can’t wait for you to come so we can welcome you all and spoil you with the best hospitality and a lifetime of experience.

If you want to extend your celebration make it more exciting, you can check Valentine’s Day Yacht Rental Dubai and book your stay. You can spend a whole day yachting with us. There are loads of activities to experience onboard. You can opt from a plethora of activities like fishing adventure, shallow sea diving, snorkeling to name a few. For the peace seekers, a quiet sunset cruise along with your partner could be an ideal choice. Come and enjoy a day full of thrill and peace at the same time.

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There is nothing more precious than the time spent with your loved one and your partner surely deserves all the love and attention in the world. We often miss out on little joys of life in the hustle-bustle of life. So, if you have not been able to spend enough time with your partner then there is a special day around the corner which can be planned well to make up for everything. Its time you woo them with a perfectly planned Valentine’s day and we are here to help you plan everything. We understand it’s a special day and you would want to plan it as per your choice. You can customize a lot of details like decor theme, food & drink choices, music to name a few. We promise to try our best to accommodate your requests in our capacity.

When you hear of cruising, you automatically think that it's going to cost you a bomb. Don’t think that you have to spend a fortune on a magical evening like this. We understand people have different budgets and taste, hence we have curated different options for various budget brackets and tastes. So, come and celebrate the day of love without burning a hole in your pocket. AND, if you are in the splurge mode, we got you covered. We can suggest you a hell lot of customized packages that are full of handpicked services. A world-class celebration is waiting for you. Don’t think much, just call us and we will help you sail through.

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