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Looking forward to the ultimate Dubai experience? Capture moments with our video and photo-shoots on a yacht in Dubai

Sail by one of the most luxurious yachts from across the world with Champion Yachts and experience, develop and enjoy photography skills and videography skills. We at Champion Yachts are here to help you recreate the moments on- board with our Video and photo-shoots on Yacht in Dubai package.

Whether it's film shooting or a yacht rental for photography or videography enthusiasts, we're right here to help you out. Even if it's just a regular day out in Dubai with friends, we're here to ensure you get some picture- perfect moments with our yacht rental services in Dubai, being well- aware of the best spots for the best scenic view ever.

An insight into Champion Yachts Video and photo-shoots on Yacht in Dubai package

As a leading yacht rental company in Dubai as well as India, we’re well aware of the need of the hour. Most people rent yachts either due to corporate events and others events. One of the most interesting options is our Video, Photo Shoot on Yacht and Cruise in Dubai package with details as follow:

  • 360° Virtual Tours- Create a different perspective via our 360° virtual tour wherein, you can see everything from everywhere
  • Video and Production- Enjoy high definition video and photo-shoots on yacht in Dubai with us. Reason being, we provide with just what you need- the background, music etc.
  • Customization- This is the best part about us- we can provide with the most innovate settings and your innovation and our services!

An insight into Champion Yachts Dubai Cruises for Rent

Champion Yachts owns one of the most popular yachts from across the world. The specifications are awesome and can cope with the need of the hour, unlike the rest. Check out some of the generic features our yachts have, just what you need:

  • Private Jacuzzis
  • Steam room and changing rooms
  • Hydraulic canopy
  • Rooms for laundry, salons etc.
  • Luxury dining spaces with the best crew
  • Automated doors
  • Dance floor, night club
  • Ample Air-conditioning for Middle East Weather
  • Lot of Accessories, Safety Equipment, Life Rafts, 1200 Life jackets, Chinaware, Toys and others

Check out some of the generic features our yachts have, it's just what you need:

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