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This season get the Champions Yachts Royal Queens Package at just 1295 AED with a 100 AED discount!

Champions Yachts has been famous for the personalization we provide among our cruise packages, yacht deals Dubai. We offer yacht charters and services for all occasions, such as overnight trips, sailing trips fishing trips, birthdays, yacht parties and much more. Our Dubai Yacht offers have some exclusive deals for yacht rental Dubai. The essence of our services is to bring the premium and top-notch amenities at affordable prices for anyone and everyone.

Why Dubai Yacht Charter is the best option?

There are very few ways as exciting as a yacht charter in Dubai. Sailing around Dubai through the Persian Gulf can be enjoyed best through the Charter yachts in Dubai.

Champions Yachts, Dubai has some great offers for you. Champion Yachts services have been catering in Dubai from more than a decade and we have been famed for our customized options.

Champions Yachts Queen Package offers

Champions Yachts have a huge range of Yacht Services which ranges from biggest to smallest and form premium to basic. But Yacht charter becomes even merrier when you get some exciting offers.

Hence to make you love Yachts charters, even more, Champions Yachts is offering exciting prices on some of our premium packages.

Champions Yachts Queens Package offers some of the top-notch luxury services such as

  • You can enjoy a 5-course meal with Bespoke Menu
  • You can opt for a menu with Gourmet Meals
  • From French to Spanish we have all the champagnes
  • From Bordeaux to Tuscany and even the Malbec; we have all the elite wines
  • White Russian, Bellini, Dry Martini, Margarita, and all other cocktails will be served
  • Ancestors Blend, Tequila, Gin, Bourbon, and all other spirits can be enjoyed
  • There will be live performances from some local and well-known performers
  • There will be on board DJs to make you groove and hostesses with elite servings
  • You will be treated with the prestigious silver plate and white glove services

This premium package is priced at 1395 AED. But we are offering exclusive discounted price this season which makes this package at just 1295 AED!

So hurry up and as the bookings might be limited and its first come first serve!

Champions Yachts Royal Package

  • Enjoy some boutique meals with the highest culinary standards
  • Savor the food with small batch and portion servings
  • Unlimited amount of wines will be served including the Bordeaux and Tuscany
  • Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, Cognac, Vodka and all other best quality Liquors for 4 hours


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